Sunday, August 26, 2007

spick + span

Well the house is clean. Took me all bloody day but cleaned everything. 5 loads of washing, mop, vac, dust, scrub, . Tomorrow I hope to weed and mow and hopefully get Blaines cubby up. I can only hope.
Thanks girls for your lovely messages about my style. I'm happy with what i do and I learn't that during the last idol when I lost the heart to scrap all together. It makes me laugh when i try something different, that I end up hating what I have done but others think its brilliant....funny I think but I guess it's personal taste. I like what I do and I appreciate that others like it too..
I was like a big kid in a lolly shop tonight, I had a suprise visit from my best bud Kelly. We don't see a lot of each other cos of a little distance between us and our busy lives but I was so excited tonight. Danny and Breanne played with Blaine, and he was so excited I thought he never go to sleep. i think he like playing with Danny. He doesn't have much to do with Men at all apart from my brother on the odd occassion so to see him all over him put a smile on my face and lifted that concern that he may be unsure around men as he gets older. Kel and I had a couple of Baileys and chatted. It was a really lovely night. I miss her heaps and I look so forward in seeing her each and every time.
Well girls, because I have teased you with this count down I will let you know on the secret.
Scrapbook CAPITAL is getting a forum and gallery.
Woo hoo I hear you say !!!! FINALLY I say. It's been a long and testing time so I am very excited to welcome you all to OUR new home. I would love to see your stuff in the gallery, and pop in for a chat. There will be plenty of competitions, challanges and a giveaway here and there so please spread the word. New stock arriving and plenty of it. If there is something you want and can't find it, let me know and i will do my best to get it for you.
Well have a lovely lazy Sunday and enjoy the weather while it lasts....


Lali said...

Oh Lorrie, I thougth that might have been what the surprise was, I am very excited for you and for all of us too, can't wait.

fleurie said...

oh i so want the forum to be ready much longer lorrie???