Wednesday, August 29, 2007

where is this bloody forum???

I'm getting a little jacked so to speak about the delay of the forum and gallery. So so so sorry girls, I have been hounding the providers every day but still no straight answer..... As soon as it is live I will let you all know... PROMISE!!!
Blaine had his second orrintation day for school today. He cruised in and seemed to really enjoy it. He can't wait until he goes full time which is a good thing. At least transition should go well.
Happy birthday to Cooper. We went to Macca's today to help celebrate Coopers birthday. I hope you had a lovely day matey.
There has been new items uploaded overnight at scrapbook CAPITAL . There is 10 NEW yummy colours in the Bazzill Bling range and some great rub on's. Have a look in the WHATS NEW section.


Terri H said...

Hi Lorrie,

Just wanted to pop in to see what was new in your world...also looking for the forum hehehehe

Anyway, I hope your well & Blaine too. Glad he liked Orientation.

I am now off to cruise through the store lol


fleurie said...

cant wait to get my hands on some of that new stuff....and OHHHHH new bazzill bling...NOICE

glad blaines orientation went well....

bring on the forum!!!

Lali said...

Well I hope the forum comes up soon for your sake sweetie so you don't burst a blood vessel.

Have a great day