Saturday, December 23, 2006


Well I am happy to say I walked away unscathed from yesturdays Xmas party but I can't say that about everybody else. I was sooo grumpy and really hot and sweaty (bum crack sweaty) cos I was still working and getting everybodies pays done while they all got very messy (a blessing in disguise I think).Felicity, my sister couldn't walk a straight line and Michele got real messy. That messy that on the way home it has been reported that she "blew chunks" on the windscreen and in her air vents in the car. But I do have pics to share. The 1st pic is of Michele in fine form and the second is Felicity and Hoa, both shit
Today Johnny, Felicity and I are heading to Waverley Gardend to have all of our kids pic taken with Santa for Pressies for the grandparents so wis us luck. I better get something for mum while Im there..... 2 SLEEPS TO GO.......

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