Monday, December 11, 2006

My weekend

Wow, what a hot weekend. I didn't hear the final temps but I think Saturday got to 37 and Sunday to 41. Too hot to do anything especially with no aircon in the house or car. Blaine had his Kinder xmas concert which went pretty well, especially when he doesn't go the day they do singing so I think he did well considering. I happened to get my hands on tickets to the Funtastic warehouse xmas sale. My DB told me people go nuts and line up from 4 am to get in. I thought nothing of it and planned to get there at 6. Well I couldn't sleep. My DS and I arrived at 5.30 AM and there where atleast 2000 infront of us. the line by 8am had i think around 10,000 people and the queue was atleast a km long. WOW. Well it wasn't bad I guess. I spent $240 and brought for 10 kids as well as Blaine.....xmas shopping is finished. TG.... Sat night was wrapping time so thats all done too. Sunday we where supposed to go to an RSL BBQ but there was no way I was going outside when the temp expected to get to 37. Well it hit 41 last time I heard. I was so glad to see the cool change hit, especially with these bush fires here in Vic. The smoke coverage has been extreme all weekend so hopefully the fires are contained by Wednesday b4 it gets too hot again.
14 days till xmas

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