Thursday, December 21, 2006


Wow what a hot day.... and another tomorrow. I can't remember a summer like this and we are only 21 days in... phew not looking forward to February....Well I am still looking for something for Blaines party... still no idea. well i am sooooo annoyed with one of the scrapbook supplies today. I won't mention any names but those who know me would know what supplier has #^%@%& me off. This particular company have made 5 errors in 2 weeks. Can you believe it.
1. over charged me and took out too much money from my CC.
2. Invoiced me for products that hadn't been sent.
3. Deducted my CC account when I requested a DD and took the money from my rent account.... not happy
4. and today, they invoiced me and tried to debit my CC after yet again I requested a DD ...bloody idiots.....THEN
5. After indicating I wanted the parcel to be sent EXPRESS POST and it would have arrived tomorrow....The frig'n idiots decided to road freight it so that means it won't arrive to Wednesday cos of all the public holidays.... #$^Y$#%##&##%*^
So appologies to Michele and Fleur you will have to weight until Wednesday.
But don't worry, I'm sure they will get the message after 2 nasty letters I sent them... I am soooo angry.
Anyway...I plan on doing a little scrapping tonight so will chat soon. chow

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