Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting better

Well its been a long couple of days for the little man, actually it 7pm and he's put himself to bed already. I braved it and took him swimming only because it was the last leson for the term and he actually did really well. We got his sexy little swim teacher (LOL) a bottle of red so I hope he is a traditional 20 something year old and gets himself plastered. hehehehe.
The rest of the day I took mum to look at the shops. So now I'm home and I plan on tidying up and scrapping tonight. The cubby is still in a pile, the house is trashed and i'm stuffed...Hmmm can I be bothered...nope.
Back again, i disappeared for a few hours. The boy is really sick again. temp of 38.7 and he has been in bed asleep since 7... if he is still sick tomorrow its off to the doctors.
Well im off and plan to get myself scrapping after i eat my nacho's mmmm yumm...

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