Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last 1 for the year

Well another year almost over, in 12 hours time. I am happy to see the end of this year. I don't think I have ever been so tired as I have been this year, and the days have dragged.
I have put a list of things I want to achieve for next year so here goes...
1. Settle into a house that I actually like and a suburb that I am happy to live in.
2. Make a profit on my business rather than a loss.
3. Have a hip replacement.
4. Loose a bit of weight and be happy with me.
5. Pay off all my debts (in my dreams) and plan to settle down and by a home.
6. And just be happy, healthy and proud of what I am and what I achieve.
7. And last but not at all the least, Blaine to be happy, healthy and to be able to give him the best life possible.
Not a lot I don't think.Just have to put my head down and bum up and balance this with being the best Mum I can without it effecting Blaine.
Hmmmm, maybe I should find a rich good looking man for all of this to come true....hehehehe
Well I haven't made up my mind what i am doing tonight. I have been thinking of taking Blaine into the city to see the fireworks at 9.30 and then going to Micheles for the turning of the year... OR... just going to Micheles for the night...OR... going to Aunty Lizzy's and spending it with Mum... who know... Still have a few hours to decide.

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