Tuesday, December 26, 2006

boxing day

Well as traditional as it is on boxing day, but not for me, Mum and I hit the shops. We went to Waverley Gardens cos nobody seems to go there to do the exchange of things that don't fit and have 2 of. As predicted the shopping centre was pretty quiet but I managed to get a massive bargin. I got a hot wheels drag/race car with slicks and side pipes and it looks so cool. It was the only 1 there and it was only a display and it had been reduced to $100. So I called over the manager to make sure it was for sale and he told me there was no charger (which doesnt matter cos I have 2 already)so with my barginning skills I got it for $60. How cool is that. AND he loves it. I rang Brad to come and get it which he did so thats 1 thing done. Now all I have to do is decide on his party. I took mum down to the pier so she could throw flowers for dad and took her home. Silly chook she is, we got home to find the gate, security door and front door wide open. I think she forgot to shut it after getting the rose cuttings. She is very lucky everything is still there. Tomorrow will be the the big tester. It will be 1 year since Dad died. There is a memorial service at SES tomorrow night so hopefully Mum will be ok.

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