Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa is on his way...

Santa is coming...woohoo.....Blaine has been asleep since 7pm. Can you believe it...Xmas eve and in bed asleep. Unbelieveable.
Well I owe a massive thanks to Mick and Michele once again. They both came over tonight in the rain and the dark to help me put up the cubby in time... And it looks great.
A MASIVE THANKYOU TO MICHELE AND MICK....YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST........I also finally finished the canvas for Mum and as predicted she cried. I think she is feeling really lonely tonight. I wish she would come here. Heres a pic of it. I am just so happy she liked it. I kept her busy again today. Took her shopping and we went to the Pancake Parlour for dinner. Boy Blaine had his pancakes then ate 2 full size on top of that. So glad his appetite is back. Well better head off so I can clean up before Santa visits...

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Julie said...

LOL at Blaine in bed by 7.00. Asher didn't go till 9.00 we've had alazy day at home and by the time we got all we had to do done it was late before we had dinner.

Loved the canvas.